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    Post  Crystal on Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:29 pm

    Hi there I'm Crystal.As you all know I am the founder of the pack, but I am going to tell you some more things that you might not know about me. I have Black fur with white markings on my fur. I am a two and a half year old wolf looking for members for my pack. I have glowing bright red eyes. My current position in the pack is the female alpha. I enjoy running and hunting. I am very fast and a magnificent hunter. I am shy, but alert. I will protect my pack with my life. I am Loyal and honest. I would give anything to help keep my pack safe and running well. Even though I am shy I am a very strong fighter. Though I do not love to fight, I am very good at it. I will not hesitate in a battle, I will push myself to the limit to protect my pack, my family and my loved ones.

    My Past
    Now I would like to tell you a bit about my past. In my past it has been all traveling, fighting for survival. The other pups of my litter were killed by eagles in winter. The ones that weren't killed then either died from the attack of the enemy wolf pack or by the hunters that killed my parents. In my life I have never had a real friend... for me it's hard to trust anyone but I learn to cause of some of the wolves I meet along the way. I decided that my journey ends here, up in the redwoods of California. The journey brought much maturity and much more experience, it made me stronger and more alert and observant of my surroundings.Though my life had many complications I learned that not all wolves are bad... I learned the true feeling of love, trust and the true meaning of friendship.

    Life in my old pack
    My old life was in Wisconsin. I lived with my brothers and sisters along with my mom and dad. I was closest to my sister Cyan. It was about a year after my liter was born when the eagles came in mid winter. Winter's are always tough but never like this one. There were so many... they swooped down taking us one by one. My mom and dad fought of as many as they could and saved as many of us as they could. But that was all just the start. The wolf packs neighboring us were just savages... the invaded us for food we fought back but again, they took some of the members of my liter and the liter after us. Me and my sister Cyan survived all the attacks and the pack protected us with all their life. As the winter months drew towards an end things got easier. After winter came what was supposed to be the best season, spring. Once again all it brought was trouble. Spring meant one thing... hunters.
    Before I knew it Cyan was getting taken by the hunters... my mom and dad told me to run and they would protect me as long as they could.While protecting me they were killed along with the remaining of the pack... all that was left was me and Cyan, or so this is what I figured... So this is when i started to travel towards California. This is why I created this pack, to start over... to have a fresh start.

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